How Window Replacement Saves You Money

Replacing your windows is not a small, low-cost home improvement project. However, not replacing your aging and damaged windows is costing you more. When your windows are drafty, it compromises your home’s insulation. This can cause a lot of energy waste. In this case, replacing your windows is a cost-effective option for your home. To explain it further, residential and storefront windows contractor Prestige Windows & Doors explains how replacing your windows saves you money. 

Save on Energy

Replacing your drafty windows saves you from wasting energy, reducing your monthly utility bills. Energy loss through badly damaged windows accounts for nearly 40% of your energy bill. Your drafty windows might also be costing you money by overworking your HVAC system. When your comfortable temperature leaks through your drafty windows, your HVAC system doubles its efforts to accommodate the leakage. So save your money by having trusted professionals install new and energy-efficient windows in your home.

Return on Investment

Window replacement is a good return on investment, especially if you are planning to sell your home soon. Before selling your home, replacing your windows is a good investment. Newly replaced windows are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and can give your home a new look. Interested buyers usually choose homes that have good energy performance and are move-in ready. Just make sure to get the most out of your money by hiring a reliable trusted contractor for windows and doors replacement.

Save on Maintenance

New energy-efficient windows do not require too much time to maintain. Prestige Windows & Doors newly installed windows are easy to clean and only need minimal maintenance. Should anything go wrong with your windows, you will be covered by a lifetime warranty and a dedicated customer service team who will do everything they can to repair your windows for little to no cost.